Boris Nevlo the Conjurer (Deceased)

Was set to be Balitan's official Court Wizard until the Trio ensure his loss


Boris Nevlo was Tom Bagnell’s top competition in the hiring process for Balitan’s official Court Wizard before the Trio framed him for rape.

Later, en route to Merinhold, Boris and a ragtag squadron of mercenaries ambushed the Trio, Tom, and their driver. During the resulting battle, Tom subdued Boris’ magic for as long as he could, but was knocked out when blindsided by another ambusher. Boris used this opportunity to complete a summoning spell. Out of thin air appeared a Doomhound.

Though it is uncertain whether this spell backfired or was simply too much for The Conjurer, the price paid was Boris’ life in the form of spontaneous combustion.


Was the most invited entertainer at Ozark’s court and a shoo-in for the position of Balitan’s Court Wizard before he was arrested on rape charges.

Boris Nevlo the Conjurer (Deceased)

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