The Tale of the Red Woods as Spun by Elwyn

“A hundred years ago, a bandit gang known as “Graw’s Claws” ruled The Red Woods. Many who traveled The Low Road were lost and never to be found again. However, there is a story told of a family who went unharmed for 4 of their 5 travel days. On the fifth and final morning, the family awoke to find that one of their number was missing: their little girl, no more than ten years of age. Fearful of their lives, the family pushed to get to Balitan even faster than before.

“Once in Balitan, they could find no one to help them look for their daughter. For months, the father begged and pleaded in every corner that a sword might be found, but with his pockets light and The Woods lethal, his efforts continued to end in failure.

“But on a day, just like today’s was, a Knight from a distant land came to Balitan. And when he heard the father’s tale, of how they had almost made it, how his family was broken and his spirit gone, the Knight vowed to find this girl even if it killed him.

“Bravery is a grand thing, but, just as the girl, this Knight was never heard from again. Some say he was ambushed the minute he entered The Woods. Some say the girl had gone feral and killed him herself. And some say that the Knight simply walked these woods in search for the girl until he dropped… deceased. They say that he continues his quest, even to this day. That his ghost wanders the areas near The Low Road, accusing innocent travelers of abducting the girl and falling upon them with his sword.”

The Tale of the Red Woods as Spun by Elwyn

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