Golden Skull Campaign

SESSION 2: Sabotage of the Season

When confrontation arises, ruin it.

SUMMARY: The Trio must aid a member of The Blue Path in return for information regarding their recent acquisition: The Golden Skull!

Characters in play: Elwyn Archer — Virtuous Monk of Onus, Raizel — Sociopathic Freebooter, Fernando Sylvio — Mind-addled Runaway Slave

Settings: Lower and Upper City of Balitan, Ozark’s Mistress, The Blue Path; Balitan Chapter, The Tall Cricket

  • Having failed to bring back either the stolen vase or the Half-Elf thief alive, the Trio’s pay was paltry. The only thing keeping their mind’s away from their poverty level was a Golden Skull and a new set of matching tattoos.
  • Raizel ventured over to one of Billiom’s usual haunts to chat him up. Indeed, he was there, but so was his guard partner: Darion Kilm. Trying to ignore Kilm’s snide remarks and obvious distaste for him, Raizel asked Billiom who might be most knowledgable on magic-natured items. "They accept walk-in consultations at The Blue Path" he replied.
  • A tall board of a man, Manservant Po, questioned them at the front door of The Path. They told him their desire to speak to the highest of Sorcerers at this Chapter. The man led them to the basement dorms of the building, and into a musty room with every inch of wall and floor spaced covered up by books or parchment.
  • Tom Bagnell spoke his name aloud, but hardly anything near an introduction. He was busy preparing something; planning something. He had little time for walk-ins. To the Trio, it was clear from the get-go that this was not the highest ranking member of The Path. With little to lose, they put forth their query.
  • They didn’t show Tom the skull, only an etching of the scripture its backside. It was enough to stop the Wizard in his tracks. He admitted that he had no idea what it said, but he knew of a group that could. He also knew that no one else in this chapter of the Path would be able to assist them, because none of them had ever associated with the types that he had.
  • His services weren’t free. In return for his consultation and further assistance, they would need to set him up for a great victory: They would need to ensure his position as the official Court Wizard of Balitan. For that to happen, his main competition, Boris Nevlo need be dealt with.
  • Before they began their ploy, Tom informed them on Boris (what he’s like, where he goes, etc…), gave them Enchanted Pods, and mentioned that he had no preference as the nature of their methods, as long as it didn’t fall back on him. This was not enough for Sylvio, a man of odd honor, so he cut open his hand and requested (forcefully) that Tom shake this exchange of services. Though weary, Tom did so. Sylvio assured him that he would murder anyone who broke the deal, including himself.
  • The Trio split at this point, Sylvio and Elwyn paired up to observe Boris and keep him in one place while Raizel broke into the man’s room.
  • Raizel had little issue getting into Boris’ dorm at The Path without being seen. Inside was a simple room. Things of note: A well-organized case of Enchanted Pods, Boris’ Journal, and a wardrobe containing his clothing and patches of children’s clothing as well. Raizel couldn’t read the Journal, but he took it and a handful of pods with him before making off to meet with the others.
  • Sylvio and Elwyn sat at a table inside The Tall Cricket, quietly observing a very inebriated Boris pinch the barwench’s rear and boast about his assured, upcoming position as the Court Wizard. He finished his drink and made to leave, but Sylvio intervened, striking up conversation with the man about his position. Boris mentions something about how far his relationships with the Noblechildren goes…
  • Raizel comes in and the Trio informs each other. A plan begins to form as Elwyn mentions Boris’ weakness for a certain barwench. Sylvio and Raizel take things another step forward though when they bloom the idea of framing the man for rape. They detail a plan to kill the wench and place evidence in Boris’ room. Elwyn expresses his distaste for such a plan, and though reluctant to go in this direction at all, he proposes that they ask the wench herself if she would be a part of their ruse willingly.
  • Oddly enough, the barwenches have names. The motherwench of the bar is Cybil Hammond and the one of Boris’ affections is Jezebel Pace. Elwyn is the one to approach Jezebel and prompt her for a meeting in the alleyway. She asks what he means to talk about, and Elwyn tells her. She accepts immediately.
  • The plan goes off without a hitch. Sylvio buddies up to Boris again, getting him even drunker. Jezebel seduces Boris into walking her home, which gives Raizel enough time to sneak into Boris’ dorm again to plant a spare dress of Jezebel’s and her necklace that he’s bloodied up. Jezebel and Boris ensure they’re noticed leaving the bar together, but he barely makes it a couple of steps before passing out. And to top it off, Sylvio blackens one of her eyes for good measure (her own idea).
  • The Trio shuffles back to their own side of town as the sun is rising. Inside of Ozark’s Mistress, they run into Billiom’s partner Darion again. And, finally without being watched over by his partner, Darion digs a serious threat into Raizel: “I cannot wait for the day that I have cause to slit your throat, brigand.” But, too tired to fight back, Raizel simply alerts him that he may want to check up on some business at The Blue Path; that there seemed to be something fishy going on over there.
  • After a bit of rest, they head back over to Tom at The Path. He tells them that they did better than could be imagined. Boris was arrested and will have a trial, Jezebel came forward and spoke as the victim, and Tom swept the competition and will be named Court Wizard on the following week.
  • They finally show Tom the real goods, The Golden Skull. He’s even more taken aback by it than its script he saw earlier. They demand him to come forward and reveal the contacts he spoke of earlier. He tells them that no on in The Path would touch an item such as this, but that The Purple Maze would gladly take them in. Elwyn’s reaction to the mention of that organization is one of… unsettlement.


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