The Mannish

Before the events that sparked the Elven Civil War 800 years ago, the Mannish Kingdom was flourishing. Their capital being Artur’s Highland, it was hit hardest when the fighting broke out between the two sides. Within a short period of time, Artur’s Highland became a decimated city with a greater population of dead than living.

Since that time, the Mannish have spread out. While the area of their span is the greatest of all the races (though The Evergreen North of the Elves have never truly been mapped, nor the abandoned Dwarven mountain holds ever been measured), they have become rather splintered by time. There is no one ruler. Instead, their are a multitude of Dukes, Earls, Duchesses, Barons, etc. The more renowned the name, usually the more traveled the city (such as the Baron Ozark of Balitan).

Every so often, the creation of a council or the convening of these rulers is attempted with very little success or attendance.


Elven Proverb on the Mannish: “They rarely achieve. They simply aspire.”

The Mannish

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