The Blue Path

The Blue Path is an organized and wide-spread guild that focuses on the research, practice, and scholarly endeavors of magic and sorcery. Their establishment, presence, and council are highly sought after by most rulers. Though their ranks are predominantly Mannish, there are several members and affiliates of other races.

Its various Chapter Houses are located within major cities, though there have been a few lesser branches established in township and village societies where city travel is rarely viable. The Houses themselves are home to new recruits and and seasoned members alike, and with the proper approvals, outsiders may be granted temporary haven under diplomatic and academic circumstances.

The history of The Path is muddled, but most believe that its roots lie thousands of years ago in the first communion between the Mannish and the Elves. Those select Mannish were made to understand the sensitive nature of Magic and the extreme level of both prejudice and respect that it demands. The Blue Path was the name that those Mannish bestowed unto themselves as The First Sentinels of magic.

In a final note, The Blue Path does not acknowledge the existence or power of the rumored association known as The Purple Maze. For all intents and purposes, it is just that: a rumor.


The Blue Path

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